Please see the color chart to choose your color selections. You may have anything from clear to as many as 5 colors swirled together. There are other effects also. Some people like different colors for each ear (like Red left and Blue right). Or add your favorite college team logo. You may design your EarRox™ any way you like.

Color Options and ordering examples:

Solid color

any one color
ordering examples:
D for a solid D (blue) colored mold
R for a solid R (black) colored mold

Solid color with glitter

Any one color with glitter/metallic flake.
Ordering examples:
E with Silver Glitter for a solid E (red) colored mold cotaining silver glitter
K with Gold Glitter for a solid K (purple) colored mold containing gold glitter


Combine up to 4 letter colors in a clear (A) or white (X) base.
Ordering examples:
X = D, E, R & O for X (white) base with dots of D (blue), E (red), R (black) and O (orange)
A = Glow, K for A (clear) base with dots of K (purple) and glow


Combine up to 4 number colors (X and R OK’ed for Ripples) to create a swirled, semimixed effect.
Please note that we will use the lightest color selected to act as the base unless specified.
Ordering examples:
1, 9, 11 for colors 1 (pink), 9 (dark grey) and 11 (pale pink) swirlend together with 11
(pale pink) as the base.
1 = 9, 11 for colors 9 (dark grey), 11 (pale pink) and 1 (pink) swirled together with 1
(pink) specified as the base

Please note that minor color variation is inevitable. Colors may vary slightly between printed materials actual molds.