We send you an impression kit that you will use to make an imprint of your ear. See the Instructions link on the home page for detailed information on how to take your impression. Mail your completed impression to us in the packet provided and we will return your custom EarRox™ molds to you within a few days.

Nearly anyone can use our impression kit. Some music professionals looking for the absolute tightest fit possible do seek the assistance of an audiologist to make the impression. While not necessary, we are happy to accept impressions from your audiologist to make your EarRox™ molds.

After you pay, we will immediately send out your impression kit. Once we receive your impressions, it will take 5 to 7 business days to process in our lab then return to you.

First, you will find that EarRox™ molds provide a much higher quality listening solution and they stay in your ears! Second, if you are like me, you want less radiation when using your cell phone. Using the speaker phone gets the headset farther from your head, but the sound quality it not very good and in public places you have no privacy when using speaker phone. With our EarRox™ product and a quality wired headset our tests reveal that there is almost ZERO radiation from the cell phone near your head. So, using the EarRox™ product helps decrease your RF exposure when using your cell phone.

First, each EarRox™ mold is custom designed and manufactured to the highest standards. Secondly, EarRox™ molds use a proprietary, non-toxic, hypo-allergenic material that is durable, flexible, comfortable and attractive. In other words, it looks simple but there is actually quite a bit of technology in every EarRox™ mold. Oh, and they are hand-made which is where hand of a true artists decides the fit and finish of the final product.

Our EarRox™ molds are designed to last a lifetime.

Similar to a new pair of shoes, you must wear your new EarRox™ molds to “break them in” and get your ears accustom to the new feeling. I tell people to wear them normally for a week before they decide on comfort.

We offer the highest quality materials, most accurate labs to assure a great fit, best customer service and an unbeatable guarantee.

Actually our sunglasses provide the highest level of sun protection available 99.9% (UV-A, UV-B and UV-C), ANSI Z87.1+ (safety), CSA Z94.3, scratch resistant, protection and visual clarity. Our sunglasses are better quality, lighter and more comfortable than name brand, designer models costing hundreds of dollars. See full description for more information.