Thoroughly wash and dry your hands.

Clean your ear with a cotton swab or tissue.

Have a clock or watch near-by because you’ll need to time the following sequence.

THE IMPRESSION MATERIAL DRIES QUICKLY SO FOLLOW DIRECTIONS CLOSELY. Read directions first one time so that you are familiar with the steps.

Open the packet of pink and white material. With your hands, thoroughly mix the two materials together kneading and rolling. Once mixed, the color with be pink. TRY TO HAVE IT COMPLETELY MIXED WITHIN 25 SECONDS. THIS MATERIAL WILL START TO SET IN 1 MINUTE AND 30 SECONDS SO YOU MUST WORK QUICKLY. Do not rush, just work quickly.

Once mixed, roll the material to look kind of like a short pencil with a tip that you feed into your ear BUT NOT TOO DEEP! Insert the impression material into your ear just as you would fit foam earplugs. Use your index finger to pack the material making sure to get good coverage of all the folds in your ear.

About 1 minute from the time you started mixing the material you should have all of the impression material in your ear. It should fill most of, if not all of, your ear. Use your palm to press the material flat against your ear.

At this point, you will simply wait for the material to set. Do not chew gum, eat or talk as the movement of your jaw will effect the quality of the impression. After 8 minutes you can remove the impression using a slight forward twisting motion while pulling it from your ear.

Repeat the process for the other ear. You can do both at the same time just be careful to remember that you have about 1 minute and 30 seconds working time.

The impression material will not stick to your clothes or hair or skin so do not worry about getting it on your hands or a bit in your hair. It will all come off once dry.

Once complete, allow your molds to set for an additional 5 minutes then place the molds in the postage paid box provided and ship directly to our lab. We will process your order and return the items directly to you.


Stephen Gibbs