I grew up surfing the cool waters of Southern California. Many dawn patrol surf sessions in cold water can cause a condition known as “Surfer’s Ear” whereby the bones in the ear canal begin to grow inward in order to protect the ear from the cold wind and water. After years of this, my ear canal just does not hold any of the commercially available headsets – – Apple, Bose, Skull Candy, you name it, they all fall out of my ears!

Because I wanted to enjoy music or hands free talking but could not find a headset that would stay put, I decided to create a solution to my problem.

In the early days, the custom ear molds that I made had many flaws. I continued to work the problem until I was happy with what I made. The finished product worked perfectly, it was comfortable, easy to use, durable, easy to clean and it allowed for better sound quality than the original headset without my custom mold.

I wore my molds all the time and used them to listen to music and whenever I used my cell phone. The more I wore them, the more I liked them and the more I used my device for music and handsfree talk.

Another thing happened – nearly everybody that saw me using my new ear molds asked me where I got them. On airplanes, waiting for the bus or subway, walking down the street or using my computer to make a call in a busy and loud airport – you name it, wherever I went, I had people asking me where I got my ear molds. I quickly realized that many, many people needed or wanted the custom molds for their headsets too.

After years of answering people’s questions about my new Custom Enhanced Audio Listening System, I decided to make my product available to the public. I took my design to the lab and created the product I call EarRox™. EarRox™ are custom fitted to YOUR specific ear and because the shape, size and specific folds of a human ear are totally unique to each person, EarRox™ custom molds allow for a perfect fit – which allows for maximum comfort and perfect sound!

While undertaking this project one of the things MOST important to me was to be certain that I used the highest quality materials available, and manufactured it in the U.S.A. My EarRox™ product is 100% American made using the finest materials available.

Because I have worked so hard to make a great product I am happy to offer an unconditional, satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with your purchase for any reason just return it to us for a full refund.* See Guarantee tab for details.

Thank you for your business,

Stephen Gibbs